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Sascha Manns Passfoto

Sascha Manns Passfoto

Welcome to the About page from Sascha Manns. I’m using Open Source Software since 1999 and like this concept.

In 2009 i started to work inside the openSUSE Community and worked there as packager, weekly news editor, the board election team, the features screening team and membership reviewing Team.

From 2009-2011 i worked for the open-slx GmbH which published the openSUSE Box, with DVD, handbook and support. See the reference:


I contributed there in testing, community management, writing handbooks, bugtriage and newsletters. I founded in this year a openSUSE-based Linux distribution for medical usage, specially for countries who can’t buy the expensive proprietary software. Finally i participated into a project from the European Parliament in a Open Source Project.

From 2013 – 2016 i studied economic computer science. Also i served as Abuse- & Public Relations Manager for the Open-News-Network.org. I finished my Web Engeneering I course and a seminar about key competences.

In 2014 i changed my operating system from openSUSE to Ubuntu. I launched some repositories on Launchpad and backported some packages and build some own packages. In this year are also worked as Dispatcher for the ITSCare, a HealthCare Company (through Hays Professional Recruting). See the reference: 

From 2014 to 2015 i worked as Qualitymanager and Author for Process-Management for the XCOM AG (now Fintech). See the reference: 


I started in 2015 programming in the language Ruby, a great programming starters language. So i programmed some plugins for the Ruby project starter hoe, a download manager for Youtube, a simple GUI for controlling the commandline program publican, and a ruby driven creator for business job applications. Also i got my SCRUM-Master in this year. 🙂

Since August 2017 i’m learning programming with GTK+ 3 in Python 3, Ruby and C#. With i created a simple tool for automatic creation of .gitignore, .bzrignore, .svnignore, .hgignore and .cvsignore files (This work based on Behdad’s great make tool). They will be contain all stuff, created by configure and automake.

You can see my detailed curriculum vitae on XING and Linkedin. A little overview about my publications is placed there.

Just now i’m participating the Windows-Insider-Program, and experimenting about the usage of Linux under Windows (called Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)).  Currently i’m impressed about the Usability of Windows 10. Both OS have Pros and Cons. But i’ve seen, that in most cases in Business Environment, Windows, SharePoint and MS-SQL are the common basics. Just now i’m developing Business Apps with Java, Tomcat and MS-SQL.

See some places, where i’m hanging around in the internet.

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