Create a screen sketch in Windows 10

From time to time, you might want to create screen clippings in Windows 10. There are many so-called „Snipping tools“ on the market, all of which bring different advantages and disadvantages. Most of these tools only offer rectangular choices. Some tools offer post-processing. For example, add notes, highlight something and so on.

The screen sketch tool shipped with the Windows 10 build 1803 17677.1000. How do you do this? What possibilities does it offer?

Create a screen sketch with Windows 10

This is done as follows:

  1. We press the key combination: Windows Key + SHIFT + S
  2. Now the screen darkens and a small toolbar opens at the top of the screen
  3. The first button offers the possibility to select a rectangular area. The second offers the interesting possibility of free choice.
  4. After the selection, the area is saved to the Clipboard. A popup pops up that starts the app screen sketch after clicking on it.

Instead of the key combination mentioned in point 1, you can also click on the info area in the lower right corner. Then click on „Expand“ and finally on „screen clipping“. The points 2-4 meet here analogously.

Here I have created a free selection.

Windows 10 free screen capture

Windows 10 free screen capture

The screen sketch app appears, which allows various manipulations.

Windows 10 edit screen capture

Windows 10 edit screen capture

However, the built-in functions are more likely to be directed at surface users. I can imagine very well that the operation with surface and input pen is good. For desktop users, a quiet mouse-hand is important. I would also like a way to enter text using the keyboard.
My submitted test report to Microsoft is available here: (opens Feedback hub).

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