Copy multiple elements to the clipboard with Windows 10

Saving Time in Windows 10

Many people knowing the problem. You’re working an one app, and you need some text fragments or pictures from another app. Before Windows 10 Build 1803 17677.1000 you have to copy and paste them many times. But now you can copy multiple fragments and pictures in one time. But how to do it?

First of all you have have to register yourself as Microsoft Insider as explained there. Then you can follow the next steps.

How to use the new Windows 10 Clipboard?

  1. First click inside your Windows 10 on Start > Settings > System > Clipboard and activate Save more Elements
  2. Then start the app, where you want to copy anything.
  3. Now mark a element and copy it with STRG+C or with the copy command.
  4. Do this with all needed Fragments.
  5. Now go to the app, where the stuff should be placed.
  6. Use the Windows-Logo-Key+V. Now you see all copied content in a small box. Just click on one element, and it’s pasted into your target app.

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Enjoy it…

Previous Build discussed there.


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